Two-piece sticks for every player

BASE is proud to offer separate two-piece shafts and blades for all types of hockey and players. Whether you play ball, inline, or ice hockey we have a combination of shaft and blade for you!

We offer our full line of shafts including:

  • Savoy Special
  • SuperNatural
  • Nasty
  • NastyR

We also offer our blades in 1 of 3 different stiffnesses:

  • Xtra Stiff (Our standard for ice hockey, similar to our Nasty and NastyR blade on our one-piece sticks)
  • Stiff (A good middle ground that is popular with inline hockey players, similar to Savoy Special blade)
  • Regular (Our softest blade and may appeal to ball hockey players)

If you have any questions or to order a blade and/or shaft please contact:

Stephen Parham
(714) 334-9876