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QUIZ CLIFF - Trouble at Tryouts

Posted on Sun, Sep 23, 2012 @ 11:09 AM

It's almost the end of tryouts, and a lot you hockey players (more so your parents) are upset because you have been cut. I would like to share a couple of key points that might help you use your situation to an advantage.

From the B Team to the Hall of Fame

First of all, some of the greatest hockey players ever were "B" Team when they were kids. I just recently played in Russia with 6 Hall of Famers and 5 of them told him stories about how they were "B" Team players at one point in their careers. Check out these names that were once cut to the "B" Team.

  • Brett Hull
  • Mark Messier
  • Glenn Anderson
  • Borje Salming
  • Claude Lemieux

Ty with CliffTy's Turnaround

My son Ty Ronning is a great example of someone who was recently cut down to the "B" Team and used it to his advantage. As his father it was important for me to encourage him to keep trying hard so he didn't lose his confidence. He continued to work hard and he was rewarded. The coach put him on the power play, penalty killing, double shifting for injured teammates. He played so much his legs almost fell off that season. The next year, he came back stronger than ever and not only did he make the "A" team, but he dominated the league.

Tryout BobTips for Tryouts

So for all the players and parents who are going through this situation of being cut during tryouts, make sure to follow these key points to take advantage of playing on a lower level team:

  • Stay positive... obviously!
  • Work hard... use this downfall as motivation to work that much harder
  • More puck time... it's a fact that playing a lower level will increase your potential for time with the puck in game situations. Make sure to take advantage of this by getting creative and trying new things so you are improving your play making abilities.
  • Be a team player... don't let your ego get in the way. Make sure you support your teammates even if they are lower caliber players. If you support them, they will support you!
  • Be a leader... help your new teammates become better like you. Help them with plays and positioning. Make your lower level team a championship team and watch how much fun you guys have!
  • Confidence is powerful. Your confidence will grow this year. Remember to grasp onto this feeling and take it with you to tryouts next season.
  • Prove them wrong. If you don't believe you should have been cut, it's your job to show everyone what you are really made of. Then come back stronger and you'll be playing the top line on the "A" team

Cliff's Cut

I was never cut during Minor Hockey, but when I was playing for the St. Louis Blues, the coach didn't have a spot on the team for me and I was sent down to the Minors. It just made me work that much harder and I remember how good it felt to earn my spot back on the team. There's nothing better than that feeling.

Shoot Fire,

Cliff Ronning

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