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THE RONNING CUP - Shooting Competition (Sept 22 - Dec 22, 2012)

Posted on Tue, Sep 18, 2012 @ 21:09 PM

At midnight on September 22nd, 2012, BASE Hockey is launching the 1st ever RONNING CUP, your chance to challenge Cliff Ronning in a shooting competition over youtube. Competitors will have the entire FALL season to enter with a deadline at midnight on December 22nd, 2012. Here's a quick preview:

rc logo27 shots at 27 feet

The contest is 27 shots at 27 feet alternating targets the size of a piece of paper. Film your 27 shots and upload the video to youtube and whoever hits the most targets wins a brand new customized BASE Hockey stick and the 1st ever Ronning Cup!




  1. Player must shoot with a Base Hockey stick
  2. Player must show video that targets are the size of a piece of paper (8.5" x 11")
  3. Player must videotape all 27 shots without stopping their video
  4. Player must be in video frame throughout all 27 shots
  5. Player must alternate targets (you can't hit the same target twice in a row)
  6. The target must be hit directly to count a score (crossbars above the target do NOT count unless the puck deflects down through the target)
  7. If a target falls down at any point during the video, the entry is void (so make sure your targets are strong enough to take your shot)
  8. Upload video to youtube TITLED: RONNING CUP I entry – “Player’s Name” – “Entry Number #01” (ex. RONNING CUP I entry - Cliff Ronning - Entry Number 01)
  9. Youtube video DESCRIPTION must include: RONNING CUP I - Sept 22-DEC 22, 2012. Go to for rules
  10. Youtube video TAGS must include "BASE Hockey" and "RONNING CUP"
  11. To make your entree official - add your youtube video as a VIDEO RESONSE in the COMMENTS of the Ronning Cup Promo Video.
  12. Player with most targets hit in 27 shots wins
  13. In case of a tie, whoever adds their video first in the comments of the Ronning Cup Promo Video wins.
  14. Players can enter as many times as they like (Just add a number in sequence to the title)
  15. Winner must be able to prove that their targets were 27 feet from their shooting platform (ex. Use Single Tennis Court Width)
  16. Players can start uploading their videos on September 22nd at midnight
  17. All videos will be officially scored by the youtube user andrelepuck who will post your score in the comments of your video entree.
  18. All contestants have the right to appeal their given score for a frame-by-frame video review.
  19. The contest runs throughout the entire 2012 Fall season and will end on December 22nd, 2012 at 12 midnight,
  20. Winner gets a BASE Hockey Stick FREE and Fully Customized!!!
Please SUBSCRIBE to the BASE Burnaby youtube channel and you will receive all updates of the latest entrees so you can see who has the highest score. Shortly after December 22nd, the winner will be announced on - If you have any questions, please email BLOG@BASEHOCKEY.CA