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40th Anniversary of the Canada-Russia '72 Summit Series

Posted on Tue, Feb 14, 2012 @ 15:02 PM

The Canada-Russia Summit Series of 1972 is a landmark for Canadian hockey fans that will not be easily forgotten. The passion and pride that the series brought to hockey fans in both countries still evokes vivid memories from those that lived through it. The year was 1972 and tension between the two countries was high. The original series came down to the final minutes of the deciding game in which Paul Henderson would score for Canada to break a 5-5 tie.

The event was watched across the country, in schools, and workplaces and gave Canadians a reason to rally together. Next week, Russian organizers are trying to bring some of the excitement for that epic series back into the minds hockey fans.  A number of big name former NHL stars and Russian Pros have signed on to play in the exhibition game scheduled to be played on Feb. 26 in Moscow's Red Square.

Among those attending are BASE Hockey Analysts Cliff Ronning and Glenn Anderson. In preparation for the reunion, Glenn Anderson has traveled to Russia to meet with some of his childhood heroes that played in that series. Below is a short piece made by Nomad Films which chronicles that experience and hypes up the 40th Anniversary of the series.

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