Shooting Analysis

Cliff during session

BASE Performance Centre

No two players shoot the puck the same way. For this reason, BASE has dedicated itself to understanding the technical aspect of each shot. Our Pro Analysts will break down the fundamental mechanics of each of your shots and instruct you on the proper technique. Our analysis takes place on skates to capture the dynamic nature of each shot.

Two hi-speed cameras capture your shot in hi-def slow-motion under the careful eye of one of our Video Techs. With the data collected from your videos, which is analyzed while-you-wait, the analyst can see exactly how far you flex your stick and if the blade’s lie is truly the correct one for you.

With this knowledge in hand our analyst will build you a stick that matches the specifications that he recommends. You will then get the opportunity to try out a stick with the optimal specifcations while receiving Pro shooting instruction.

Finally, step into our consultation room where our Pro brings the NHL Advantage to you by presenting the final analysis of your wrist, snap and slap shots. See yourself at over 1000 frames per second side by side with examples of Pro shooters with world class technique. The analyst will break down each of your shots and give you the tips you need to make you a better shooter.

The whole experience requires approximately one hour and is by appointment only. So call us today. When you arrive for your fitting it’s best to wear dark clothing (i.e. track pants) and you are required to bring your skates, gloves, helmet (depending on age and skill level) and your current stick.
We look forward to seeing you there!

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